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Powerpoint 2016 2019 - Master powerpoint presentation

Online Courses Udemy - Powerpoint 2016 2019 - Master powerpoint presentation, Complete Powerpoint Design Masterclass - 20+ powerpoint presentation slides. Powerpoint from beginner to pro

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5 Latest Updates to the course content:
Jan 2020 - NEW SECTION - SWOT Analysis (Science behind it and how to make a template)
Nov 2019 - NEW SECTION - Presenting Large Data (Make your presentations more tolerable ;)
Sep 2019 - NEW SECTION - Tables in PowerPoint (Importing Excel Data and Creating Tables in PowerPoint)
Aug 2019 - TUTORIAL - Sharing PowerPoint Presentation via OneDrive (Since the OneDrive sharing update)
Jul 2019 - TUTORIAL - Advanced Shadow Options (Features we can apply to native PPT objects)


Do you want to learn how to use MASTER SLIDES to create Templates?

Do you want to SAVE TIME working in PowerPoint and be more efficient?

Do you struggle to create EYE-CATCHING, well-designed presentations?

Learn how to coordinate the DESIGN of your presentation with your speaking skills!  

This course solves these problems and teaches you valuable PowerPoint tricks beyond that.


The course is divided into four comprehensive chapters to make it easy to follow:

ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE - Best presentation practices and useful PowerPoint tricks, including presentation tips that you might not be aware of.

SLIDE DESIGN – Learn the slide-by-slide process of how to design your own presentation. Each lesson is devoted to tackling one slide at a time. Follow along and create your own masterpiece just like the one in the preview. PowerPoint 2010 and PowerPoint 2011 MAC tricks also apply.

MASTER SLIDES - Learn how to set up, prepare, and create templates in the PowerPoint Slide Master window to create high quality presentations for companies, clients and for online sale!

ADVANCED TRICKS – Learn from dozens of high-quality lessons that teach you important PowerPoint tricks such as setting up music, video backgrounds, global changes and more.


  With help of this course you will:

Increase your PowerPoint knowledge

Improve your workflow and design skills

Learn to make custom layouts with placeholders on slide master slides

Get a new 14-slide PowerPoint 2013 / 2016 / 2019 /365 presentation template to use

Reduce the time you need to complete a high-quality presentation

Learn PowerPoint 2016 (and the older versions) in one comprehensive course

Be able to brand and build templates for you, your company, or your clients!


The focus of this course is the design process and template creation. I will take you by the hand through the process of creating an outstanding presentation. We will design using PowerPoint and make infographics, world maps, graphs, charts, features, processes, introduction and about us slides, and many things that are important to a well-prepared presentation. Whether you're looking to give a monthly report or impress prospective clients with your PowerPoint designs, learning the shortcuts and how to build unique themes is essential for crafting engaging and informative presentations. 

I'm an very active instructor and respond to questions within 48h. All questions in my course are adressed and we work with students together to find solutions for their problems or at least the best possible ones out there :)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: I'm a total beginner in PowerPoint, is this course right for me?

This course will teach you all the necessary basics and advanced tools, but it's not a PowerPoint 101 for beginners. I mention basic tools and techniques, but I assume that you are computer savvy and know how to find your way around PowerPoint already.

Q: I'm enrolled in your PowerPoint Masterclass - Presentation Design & Animation course. Should I get this one or is the other one enough? Which one is better?

Good Question! Both courses are top PowerPoint courses that you the knowledge and tools to create outstanding presentations, animations, and templates. They are just two different versions that use different slides and unique content respectively. The benefit of that is you can follow a different design path on each course. Students who finished the first master course were asking me for more, and I'm happy to provide more if there is demand for it. If you already feel super-comfortable with PowerPoint, one course is enough. But if you seek even more design ideas and slides, and if you like my content and the way I teach, you won't go wrong by taking both courses. 

Q: I've been using PowerPoint for 15+ years and think I know it already. Will I learn anything new? 

I'm an experienced PowerPoint instructor with over 250 YouTube tutorials and more than 10 published PowerPoint courses and series. Over the past few years, I have learned from both beginner and advanced students which areas to address to best influence your workflow in a positive and impactful way. My courses help you to boost your efficiency, using shortcuts and on-trend designs to help you to reach a modern, top-level standard of quality. If you need something that is not already in the course, you can always ask me about topics to add to courses that interest you.

Q: I'm still not sure if I want to invest into this course. I don't know if I want to focus on design or on animation. Is there any fall-back plan?

Of course! First, you should watch the promo videos and watch the free preview lessons. They will give you a good understanding of the course content, pace, and what to expect from taking the course. Apart from that, you have Udemy’s 30-day Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked!


Stop waiting days to get your presentation back from a designer or from your co-workers. Instead, take your presentation into your own hands with this PowerPoint 2016 and PowerPoint 2019 course. Don't wait to sign up. ENROLL NOW!

Who this course is for:
People who want to save time and enhance their PowerPoint skills
Business people, teachers, students or designers wanting to create outstanding slides
People who want to learn how to animate and build engaging presentations and templates
Entrepreneurs who want to create, sell, or promote with help of animated presentations and videos

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