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Kubernetes CKS 2020 Complete Course + Simulator

Kubernetes CKS 2020 Complete Course + Simulator, Full preparation | Theory | Practice | Simulator 


  • Highest Rated
  • Created by Kim Wüstkamp, Killer Shell
  • English [Auto]
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What you'll learn

  • Complete CKS preparation
  • CKS Theory Practice and Simulator
  • Kubernetes Security Concepts
  • Think from a hackers perspective
  • Deep technical insight into Kubernetes



Hi there!

all you need for your Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist preparation in one place !

I'm Kim, Kubernetes Trainer and Author, also the creator of the Killer Shell CKS|CKA|CKAD Simulators.

I will present every CKS topic to you in a simple, visual and easy way

For every topic we'll also run through various practical hands-on challenges together

We'll setup your own CKS cluster together, for this we provide simple scripts!

We also have a Github course repository with various examples which we use throughout this course

At the end you'll test your knowledge by attending the Killer Shell CKS simulator for which two free identical sessions are included in this course

Two Killer Shell CKS Simulator sessions with identical questions are included in this course. The simulator cannot be used indefinitely, so treat the simulator like the real exam, come prepared. Should you fail the real exam you get another session for free.

Please expect this course to take more time than just our recorded hours. For most topics you'll need some time to implement the scenarios yourself. Also breaks (hours or even days) between sections/topics should be advised to prevent brain implosion :)

Are you ready to dive deep into Kubernetes Security?
Is your goal to become Kubernetes Certified Security Specialist (CKS)?
### Then this course is for you ###

You should already have some Kubernetes Administrator knowledge before attending this course. And if you like to attend the real CKS exam you need to hold a valid CKA certification. But we also do some recap of CKA knowledge at the beginning, so no worries if your knowledge is a bit stale.

Hoping to have you on board and happy learning,
Team Killer Shell

Who this course is for:

CKS Attendees
Security Specialists
Kubernetes Administrators

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