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Conversational AI Benefit Case

Conversational AI Benefit Case - Define strategy and benefit case for a Conversational AI solution


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  • Created by Neena Sathi
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What you'll learn

  • How to identify a target use case for conversational AI - including user persona, business capabilities, and benefit areas.


In this socially distanced environment, there is an increasing demand for taking your engagement with your customers and employees online.  Conversational AI offers novel ways of providing you with productivity lift and automation in your online engagements.  This course introduces business students and working professionals to Conversational AI.  It uses a set of use cases to illustrate the meaning and value of Conversational AI in engagements with customers and employees in business and consumer use cases. 
Who this course is for:

Customer engagement professionals dealing with business automation and transformation
Information technology management dealing with IT development projects
Senior year undergraduate and graduate students in Business, Information Technology and Analytics
Vendors, consultants and service provider involved with Automation

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