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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work (2021)


Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work (2021) - 
Welcome to the new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Revolution in 2021 impacting workplaces worldwide.
  • Created by Srinidhi Ranganathan
  • English [Auto]
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Did you know?
A great technological shift is on the verge of occurring very soon. Disruptive Artificial Intelligence technologies are going to change the world and human labor will be replaced by robot workers and the shift has in-fact started. This mind-blowing course introduces you to the concept of Artificial Intelligence usage in the workplace along with providing you practical examples of the different platforms that deploy the same for automation.
You will learn about the numerous Human Resources tools and usage of these in Artificial Intelligence, along with sales-based AI tools that can help you close the deal. You will be also introduced to Virtual chatbots that look like humans and do all the automation and support work for you in any industry you are in. We will also look at a particular case study of a company leveraging human robots as receptionists to free up tasks for the real employees. You will also learn about AI-powered business advisor kind of tool that can provide valuable suggestions for analytics, for that matter.
Ultimately, the rise of Artificial Intelligence at work in 2021 & beyond is not a dream. It is a continuous journey into the exploration of new-found technologies that are unknown to many which have the greatest power in them to change the world altogether. Enroll now and let's start booming. Don't keep waiting.
The robots are coming for you, this year.
Are there any course requirements or any kind of pre-requisites, before taking this course?
None. However, several tools or AI platforms are taught in the course. You must go through these AI platforms completely and adopt any one of them based on your requirements or needs to skyrocket your business with AI.
Who this course is for:

Artificial Intelligence learners and enthusiasts who want to discover new things
Corporate company owners or CEO's who wish to create an impact with using AI at their workplace.
Digital Marketing learners who wish to add AI skills to their bouquet, apart from learning the traditional courses available in the market
Anyone who has the zeal and passion to know about present and upcoming technologies that can change the world
Entrepreneurs who are just about to setup a business venture
Marketing managers who wish to innovate at work

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