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Learn Programming Fundamentals with Python


Learn Programming Fundamentals with Python
- With 4MAT Teaching Style and content specifically catered for you!
  • New
  • Created by Swaleha Saleem, Dr. Ayaz H. Khan, Tasbiha Asim
  • English [Auto]
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Out of thousands of programming courses here, what makes us better?
1) The course videos have been specifically designed according to the 4MAT teaching style to ensure that we are not only teaching the course content but teaching them in a way that facilitates our student's learning in best way possible.
2) This course is designed specifically for those people who have no past background in programming. Hence, every concept is explained in detail so that you not only learn Python syntax but overall programming logic in general too.
Who this course is for:

People who are interested in learning Python or want to get a hang of programming in general in order to know whether programming is their thing or not.

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