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MuleSoft (Mule4) for Beginners/Developers

MuleSoft (Mule4) for Beginners/Developers

MuleSoft (Mule4) for Beginners/Developers, Online Courses Udemy
Do It Yourself (DIY) - Mule4.2 - 48+ lectures/demo | TechLightning | MuleSoft tutorials | Fundamentals | Mule Concepts
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  • Created by Arul ChristhuRaj Alphonse
  • English [Auto]
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This course teaches you the following topics.
It has 48+ topics and This course teaches you MuleSoft in latest Mule4.x version in also latest Mulesoft Anypoint Studio - 7.x version

All these lectures grouped into 5 sections for easy understanding.
0.MuleSoft Introduction
AnyPoint Studio:
1.How to run Mule application
2.How to debug Mule application
3.Create GET,POST methods in the same mule application
4.Invoke REST WS from the Mule app
5.Create schedulers to trigger the event
6.How to add a module (SOAP) - calculator web service  -
7.How to add Flow, Subflow, Private Flow and Flow Reference -
8.Publish and Subscribe - VMConnector
9.File Processing/Pooling- Trigger an Mule app when the file is created or modified
10.For Each Scope
11.Choice router
13.Batch Processing
14.Deploy Application to AnyPoint Platform(cloud hub) from Any point studio
15.Mule Error handling
16.How to Connect Database (MSSQL)
17.How to Prepare for MuleSoft Certified Developer – Level 1 Mule 4 Certification
AnyPoint Platform:
18.MuleSoft Anypoint Platform-Exchange
19.MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform-Flow Designer
20.MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform-API Designer
21.MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform-API Manager
22.MuleSoft (Mule4.2)-Expose Mule application as a SOAP based Webservice|SOAP Router|API Kit for SOAP|WSDL|Tech Lightning
23. MuleSoft 4.2-ObjectStore-How to Store and Retrieve keys/values|Tech Lightning
24. Download & Install Mule Runtime into On-Premise, Install Agent, Add servers, Manage the On-Premise Instance from Anypoint Platform (RuntimeManager),
Deploy the app into On-Premise instance from Runtime Manager.Execute the application from http client (Postman).
25.Create Group or Clustering for on-premise mule runtime through Runtime Manager
26. Design Template for MuleSoft Integration -System Integration Architecture Document
27.API Led Connectivity |Layers| Application Networks | Experience, Process, System API
28. Logs,Audit logs,Insights,Custom Business Event, AnyPoint Monitoring,Alerts,Visualizer
29.Salesforce connector (query) Basics|Fundamental|Config from properties|TechLightning
30.Demo-Anypoint Studio | How to Create Mule Domain Project|Mule 4|Tech Lightning
31.Demo-Secure Configuration Properties | Secure Configuration Tool |Tech Lightning
32.Demo-Invoke Java method (static, non-static) from Mule Application|Tech Lightning
33.Enterprise Integration Pattern|Tech Lightning
35. What is MuleSoft AnyPoint CLI | AnyPoint Command line interface

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