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Complete neural signal processing and analysis: Zero to hero

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Complete neural signal processing and analysis: Zero to hero - 
Learn signal processing and statistics using brain electrical data with expert instruction and code challenges in MATLAB
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  • Created by Mike X Cohen
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Use your brain to learn signal processing, data analysis, and statistics... by learning about brains!
If you are reading this, I guess you have a brain. Your brain generates electrical signals that can be measured using electrodes, which are like small antennas. These electrical signals are rreeeeeaaallly complicated, because the brain is really complicated! 
But learning how to analyze brain electrical signals is an amazing and fascinating way to learn about signal processing, data visualization, spectral analysis, synchronization (connectivity) analyses, and statistics (in particular, permutation-based statistics).

What do you get in this course?
This course contains over 46 hours of video instruction, plus TONS of MATLAB exercises, problem sets, and challenges.
If you do all the MATLAB exercises, this course is easily well over 100 hours of educational content.
And you get access to the Q&A forum, where you can post specific questions about the course material and I answer as quickly as I can (typically 1-2 days).
By the end of this course, you will have confidence in processing, cleaning, analyzing, and performing statistics on brain electrical activity.

What do you need to know before joining this course?
I have tried to make this course accessible to anyone who is interested in learning neural signal processing and time series analysis.
I believe you can simply start this course without any formal background in neuroscience/biology, and without any background in signal processing/math/statistics. That said, some background in these topics will definitely be helpful.
However, I do assume that you have access to MATLAB (or Octave), and that you have some basic MATLAB coding skills (variables, for-loops, basic plotting). If you are a total noob to MATLAB, then please first take an intro-MATLAB course and then come back here.

Why should you trust this weird Mike X Cohen guy?
I've been teaching this material for almost 20 years. I'm really dedicated to teaching and I work really hard to improve my courses each year.
Check out the reviews of this course and my other courses to see what my students think of my teaching style and dedication.
I've also written several textbooks on neural data analysis and scientific programming. And there are more books and more courses on the way!
... but you have to watch out for my weird sense of humor. You've been warned...

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