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Advanced SQL : SQL Expert Certification Preparation Course

Advanced SQL : SQL Expert Certification Preparation Course

Advanced SQL : SQL Expert Certification Preparation Course - 
Complete Your Oracle SQL Knowledge From Intermediate to Advanced Level and Become a Database SQL Expert in Oracle!
Created by Oracle Master Training • 70,000+ Students Worldwide, Code Star Academy, English, Indonesian [Auto]

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"One", "Enough", "Ultimate" Course to make you an "SQL Expert!".
Advance Your SQL Knowledge and Get Better Income From Your Job, like $100k.
Get Oracle's SQL Expert Certification.
Oracle has two Certification Exams for SQL;
The first one (SQL Fundamentals) covers the basic subjects (All of these subjects are covered in my first course.)
The second one (SQL Expert) covers more advanced subjects including the basic ones. (All the advanced subjects (and more) for this exam are covered in this course.)
All the subjects are explained in detail, and exampled as many as I can do with Oracle's HR schema. You can check the subjects from Oracle's related pages.
Now, you are looking at a course that will make you pass this exam.
You can ask any questions about this course from discussion board.
Your questions will be answered as soon as possible.
You can check my website for more details.
What are you going to learn from this course? 
Introducing Database Objects
Data Dictionary Views
Creating, Using and Managing Sequences
Creating, Using and Analyzing Synonyms
Understanding and Using Indexes
Managing Views
Materialized Views
Creating and Using Advanced Subqueries
Advanced Data Manipulation
Controlling Schema Objects)
Administering User Privileges and Roles
Hierarchical Queries (Tree Structure)
Writing Advanced Scripts
Generating Dynamic SQL Scripts
Analytical SQL Functions
Regular Expressions
And much more beyond these... (+Quizzes, +Bonus Lectures, +New Updates)...
Hundreds of Examples
Professional Course Design,
Well-organised Content
In-Depth Subjects (All subjects are explained with all details)
Lifetime Author Support.

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