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Advanced Excel: Top Excel Tips & Formulas

Online Courses Udemy - Advanced Excel: Top Excel Tips & Formulas, Master Advanced Excel Formulas. Solve Complex Problems. Learn Advanced Excel Skills to Save Time & Impress (Excel 2010)

Created by Leila Gharani | English [Auto]

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If you're a business professional, who uses (or will be using Microsoft Excel) on a daily basis, this is the course for you!
The Course will Help You Build a Strong Foundation in Excel & Solve Complex Problems Fast - This is How:
Use my top 10 tips to save time
Learn the top 10 formulas for quick and dynamic analysis
This course includes a detailed downloadable PDF of the top 10 Tips & Formulas - together over 90 pages! Now you can READ, WATCH or do BOTH!
The top 10 will increase your awareness of the most useful Excel features to work faster and smarter. Only when you know the extent and possibilities Excel offers you, only then are you able to handle any type of analysis with the best method.
In Their Own Words:
Carlo says: "Excellent course featuring loads of easily understood content. It helped me become very competent and comfortable with pivot tables along with a host of other functionality. It's easily understood and also easy to follow. Instructor speaks clearly and explains things well, very helpful so the information is easily retained."
Sahar says: "Very very helpful tips. Anyone who uses Excel should learns these to let them get more benefits of the embedded functionalities."
Steven says: "Well explained, excellent material and topics. Definitely very helpful for my everyday work."
Advanced Excel skills are highly relevant in business. No matter which role you’re currently in or you’re planning to take on. Whether you’ll be in Finance, consulting, IT, in project management, your advanced Excel skills will set you apart from the competition.
What is the difference between an Advanced Excel and Average Excel user?
An advanced Microsoft Excel user is aware of the tools and features available and can apply the right tools for the right task, instead of relying on their go-to tools and making them work for every situation.  Advanced Excel users, always find the optimal solution for every task, and they find it fast!
What differentiates this Microsoft Excel course from the others?
The reason I created this specific Advanced Excel course, is because there are many advanced Excel users who are unaware of key features & formulas in Excel. I understand that when you take an Excel training it can be so broad, and a lot of courses cover too many topics. It’s easy to get lost. You might also not immediately appreciate why some features are useful and how you can practically apply them. We are creatures of habit and it’s difficult to get our head around learning new techniques. As a result you might be missing out on some features that can majorly simplify the way you use Excel.
Differentiation factor #1
Focus - The top 10 brings focus to the key Excel features which will provide you with a solid & a strong foundation in Excel.
Differentiation factor #2
Learn by doing - This Advanced Microsoft Excel course is well structured and organized. You can download my Excel Demo workbook which I use to demonstrate each feature and practice along with me. You can then do an exercise from the Excel Exercise workbook to test your knowledge. Real learning happens when you attempt to solve problems on your own. Answers are provided, but do ask any questions if you get stuck. Your questions will always be answered.
Differentiation factor #3
Engaging - I have made every attempt to keep the course interesting and engaging by mixing talking head explanations with screencast demos. Each course is split by topic & feature. This allows you to easily pick what you want to learn now or review later.
My main goal in this training is to increase your awareness of the top tools and formulas in Excel to help you solve complex problems. Users are not aware of what they don’t know. Only when you know the extent and possibilities Excel offers you, only then are you able to handle any type of analysis with the best method.
Becoming advanced in Excel takes practice, readiness to learn new methods and willingness to apply these to practical cases. Take this course to get a head start!

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