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TensorFlow 2 Advanced Linear & Lasso Regression with Python

Online Courses Udemy - TensorFlow 2 Advanced Linear & Lasso Regression with Python, Advanced implementation of linear regression model by performing feature selection using LASSO in TensorFlow 2.x

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In this course, you will learn advanced linear regression technique process and with this you can able to build any regression problem. Starting from
TensorFlow 2.x
Linear Regression
Gradient Descent Algorithm
With this intuition we will work on project: Customer Revenue Prediction.
Problem Statement: A large child education toy company which sells educational tablets and gaming systems both online and in retail stores wanted to analyse the customer data. The goal of the problem is determine the following objective as shown below.
Data Analysis & Preprocessing: Analyze customer data and draw the insights w.r.t revenue and based on the insights we will do data preprocessing.  In this module you will learn the following.
Necessary Data Analysis
Factor Analysis
Feature Engineering:
Lasso Regression
Identify optimal penalty factor
Feature Selection
Pipeline Model
We will start with basic of tensorflow 2.x to advanced techniques in it. Then we drive into intuition behind linear regression and optimization function like gradient descent.

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