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SQL for Data Science ,Oracle , MySQL, R and Python [2020]

Online Courses Udemy - SQL for Data Science ,Oracle , MySQL, R and Python [2020], Learn Database design ,Write SQLs in R and Python and do Data Analysis. Learn to create ORACLE and MySQL databases.

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---> "Yes definitely this is the course what I was looking for . Kudos to instructor who clearly explains the basics . Quizzes are really helpful .."
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Start writing simple to the most advanced SQL queries.
Start using SQL queries in Oracle , MySQL
Integrate R and Python with Database and execute SQL command on them for data analysis and Visualizations.
Start using filter , having clause , joins with multiple tables ,aggregators etc.
Create DDL commands and modify the schema objects.
Create own database in your laptop/Desktop - Oracle and MySQL
Import and export data from and to external files.

We will be using real world data sets for Market data and Company .

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