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Python required for Data Science and Machine Learning 2020

Online Courses Udemy - Basic Python, Data Analysis & Insights Visualizations. Case Study. High level Machine Learning lib & tools walk through.

Created by Pradeep D | English [Auto]


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Lets learn basics to transform your career. 21900+ students learning the course.
I promise not to exhaust you with huge number of videos.
Welcome to the most comprehensive Python required for Data Science and Machine Learning course! An excellent choice for beginners and professionals looking to up skill themselves in the domain of Machine Learning and Data Science. This course of First Step or prerequisite to learn Machine Learning or Data Science.  This course covers most popular Python libraries in the world such as collections, numerical pyhton, matplotlib, seaborn and pandas data frames. This course includes case study for drawing meaningful insights out of given business data.
Course also covers most fundamentals of programming such as Decision Controls, Loops, Operators, Data types and more !
Going forward, every software development would be AI or Data Driven and students or professional needs to have respective skills to adapt themselves in the changing industry. Since Machine Learning and Data Science are hot in today's market and students or professionals needs to re-skill or up-skill themselves to AI or Machine Learning or Data Science to survive in today's market.
This course of First Step or prerequisite to learn Machine Learning or Data Science.

Python required for Data Science and Machine Learning course offers video tutorials on exact python required to get yourself started with Machine Learning and Data Science.
Numerical Python is a powerful library which efficiently performs matrix operations faster and exceed the python capabilities of data processing.
Pandas is a powerhouse tool that allows you to do anything and everything with tabular or columnar data sets -- analyzing, organizing, sorting, filtering, aggregating, cleaning, calculating, and more!
Matplotlib is an amazing visualization library in Python for 2D plots of arrays. Matplotlib is a multi-platform data visualization library built on NumPy arrays. One of the greatest benefits of visualization is that it allows us visual access to huge amounts of data in easily digestible visuals. Matplotlib consists of several plots like line, bar, scatter, histogram etc.
Seaborn is a library for making statistical graphics in Python. It is built on top of matplotlib and closely integrated with pandas data structures.
Whether you're a new data analyst, planning to transit yourself to data analyst role or have spent years in Excel, this course offers you an incredible introduction to one of the most powerful data tool kits available today!

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