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NodeJS Rest-ExpressJS Mongodb-Jest javascript Unit/Int Test

Online Courses Udemy - NodeJS Rest-ExpressJS Mongodb-Jest javascript Unit/Int Test, Learn NodeJS by developing REST API/ExpressJS webserver with Mongodb. Master Jest to do unit/integration/mutation tests

Bestseller | Created by Robin Paul | English [Auto]


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A great course to learn NodeJS programming by developing the Express JS web server.
Ultimate course to learn Jest Test Framework
Integrate web server with mongodb database in the cloud.
I focus on Jest Test Framework a lot and you will master in no time.
Learn the tricks to use the Jest test tool to create HTML reports, code coverage, stub/mocking, unit test.
We will add a lot of unit and integration tests, code coverage tools
Integration test using supertest.
Live programming and learn along the course, more than 7 hours of video content.
Protecting endpoints using jwt tokens , how to do mutation tests using stryker
Learn about Test Concepts and Test Driven Development (TDD).
& you can expect the Best Student Support...

If you dont like the course , of course you get the money back for 30 day time

Some Reviews:
After those lessons, I was able to create a Shop API of my own design and to fully test it, thus I recommend this course. Instructor would reply my questions within hours. I also enjoy when instructors make mistakes, read the logs with us and fix it, so we are more prepared to deal with problems of our own. I would say that some previous postman and javascript knowledge is required to fully enjoy this course, although not strictly necessary.

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