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Gaussian Process Regression for Bayesian Machine Learning

Online Courses Udemy - Gaussian Process Regression for Bayesian Machine Learning
Acquire a powerful probabilistic modelling tool for modern machine learning, with fundamentals and application in Python
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Probabilistic modelling, which falls under the Bayesian paradigm, is gaining popularity world-wide. Its powerful capabilities, such as giving a reliable estimation of its own uncertainty, makes Gaussian process regression a must-have skill for any data scientist. Gaussian process regression is especially powerful when applied in the fields of data science, financial analysis, engineering and geostatistics.

This course covers the fundamental mathematical concepts needed by the modern data scientist to confidently apply Gaussian process regression. The course also covers the implementation of Gaussian process regression in Python.

Who this course is for:
Data scientists, engineers and financial analysts looking to up their data analysis game
Anybody interested in probabilistic modelling and Bayesian statistics

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