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Certified Weight Loss Habits Practitioner No Diet Accredited

Online Courses Udemy - Certified Weight Loss Habits Practitioner No Diet Accredited, Positive Psychology: Psychology of Positive Habits: Apply Positive Psychology Tools to Introduce New Healthy Habits
BESTSELLER | Created by Braco Pobric, Life Success Academy | English [Auto]


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As a Prominent Online Instructor and the Authority Figure in the field of Positive Psychology, Happiness and Human Flourishing I am actively involved in this amazing community of happier people and do my best to answer all the questions within 48 hours.

This course is a fully-accredited Certificate Program Accredited by the CPD Accreditation Group. This comprehensive training course contains HD video content, supplementary resources, and complimentary tutor support 24/7.

About this course:

Full, free lifetime access

All future extra lectures and upgrades are always included for free

Regular free surprise bonuses to help you change your habits even more!

At the end of this this course, you will:

Understand Basic of Your Eating Habits

Choose One or More Eating Habits You Want To Change

Make Necessary Steps to Change Your Eating Routines

Increase Will Power and Self Confidence to Help You and Start Losing Weight

Learn 7 Secret Tools to Help You Lose Weight

Become Happier

Succeed in Any Eating and Other Habit Formation

Introduce New Routines

And much more...

Weight Loss Udemy Program combines years of research by experts in the field of habits, neuroscience, traditional and positive psychology, and teaches you how to apply this new information in a very simple and practical way. This program will help you understand your eating habits: why you have them, why you can or cannot change them, and how they can work to help you live a great life.

Implementing habitual eating behavior in accordance with this program will help you become happier and more successful, will improve your wellbeing, and will assist you in living the life you always wanted to live.

Everything you want to achieve in life--from a successful career, thriving relationships, improved health, or simply increase your happiness and wellbeing—everything starts with habits. Everything!

This program is based on my bestselling book – Habits and Happiness: How to Become Happier and Improve Your Wellbeing by Changing Your Habits, my Habits and Happiness workshops, individual coaching sessions, and many years of helping others loose weight and changer their life for the better.  Even more importantly it is based on my own experience of losing over 55 pounds.

Every minute you delay is actually COSTING you...Even More Weight, Health, Success...


Who this course is for:
Life coaches looking for scientifically proven tools to help their clients loose weight
People with low willpower / self discipline
This program is for the participants wiling and ready to loose weight
This program will help participants change eating their habits regardless what eating habits they want to change

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