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Finish It! Motivation & Processes For Game & App Development

Online Courses Udemy - Tools And Techniques For Staying Motivated And Productive When Creating Video Games Or Apps, Or Finishing Online Courses
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If you have a technical or creative project that you want to finish (or start!), this course will help you to identify why you are getting blocked, how to stay on track and ultimately help you FINISH IT (your project that is).

We often use the word "motivation" to summarise the process of staying focused and getting our work done. But finishing challenging projects requires far more than just motivation - it requires systems, strategies, tools and planning.

In this course we start at the high level and explore how this project fits into your overall career or life goals. We look at what, exactly, your final product will look like and why on earth you are even working on your project. Often its not for very powerful reasons which can lead to some funky unproductive behaviour on our part.

We continue to drill down through your project to look at what are your very next actions, where you are blocked, what you plan to accomplish this week, this month and the next 90 days. You will learn techniques such as:

The Very Next Thing tecnhique

The Clear Your Cache technique

Your own personal approach to Finding Flow

The Work-Or-Dont-Work philosophy

The Work Breakdown Structure technique

The Accountability Buddy approach

And many more techniques for success

The goal of this course is very simple: Get you to Finish your project.

Some examples of projects that our students are working to finish are:

Video game project

App development project

Portfolio building project

Online course / study project

Looking for specific technical content? Check out our comprehensive range of game development courses.

The course follows a step-by-step Workbook which will guide you through your specific set of circumstances and help you finish your project.

The instructors of this course have spent years studying and teaching personal development. They have completed many projects as well as not completed many projects and have an acute understanding of what it takes to achieve success when you are in charge of your own milestones and deadlines.

You might be working solo on your project, but you don't have to do it alone. Come and join our community, share your challenges and learn from others with theirs.

We hope you allow us to contribute to the completion of your project!

Come join us now, you won't be disappointed!

Who this course is for:
Anyone who could use some help and support to stay focused, motivated and productive while working on their project.

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