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NestJs in Practice (with MongoDB)

Online Courses Udemy - It's like Angular but for the backend! Build a modern REST backend with Typescript and the familiar Angular API
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This Course in a Nutshell

If you don't know NestJs, it's like Angular but for the backend. With it, we can write our backend using the same concepts and object-oriented APIs that we already use to structure our Angular frontend: components, services, modules, pipes, etc.

NestJs is also quite similar to popular libraries that you might already be used to, such as, for example, the Spring library in the Java ecosystem, or ASP.NET MVC for the C# ecosystem.

Course Overview

In this course, you are going to learn from scratch how to design and develop a NestJs backend that will take the form of a REST API that queries a MongoDB database using the Mongoose ODM (Object Document Mapping) library. We will be providing a complete CRUD example showing how to perform the most common REST data retrieval and data modification operations using NestJs.

No prior NestJs, MongoDB or Mongoose knowledge is assumed as we will explain everything from scratch. We will cover all the essential NestJs concepts such as Modules, Controllers and injectable services.

We will learn in detail how to validate business data using a decorator based approach (with decorators like @IsString(), @IsPhoneNumber(), etc.) by leveraging the built-in NestJs Validation pipe.

We will also implement using NestJs commonly needed backend security functionality such as User Authentication, RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) Authorization, error handling, and cover more advanced NestJs concepts such as Filters, Pipes, Guards, interceptors and middleware.

Table of Contents

This course covers the following topics:

Introduction to NestJs

Running NestJs in Hot Reload and Debug mode

Writing our first NestJs REST endpoint

NestJs Modules, Controllers and injectable Services

Introduction to MongoDB

Setting up a cloud MongoDB database

Introduction to the Mongoose ODM library

Querying MongoDB from a NestJs REST endpoint

Complete CRUD example with NestJs and MongoDB

NestJs Filters and custom error handling

NestJs Pipes, building a custom pipe

Data Validation with class-validator and the Validation pipe

NestJs Middleware

User Authentication with NestJs

NestJs RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) Authorization

NestJs Guards

What Will You Learn In this Course?

After taking this course, you will feel comfortable designing and developing applications using NestJs. You will have learned everything that you need to know in practice for designing and developing production-ready secure backends using the NestJs framework.

Who this course is for:
Web Developers in general, looking for a detailed guide to the NestJs framework
Angular Developers, looking to reuse some of the same Angular concepts and apply them to the backend as well

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