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VR Development Fundamentals With Oculus Quest And Unity

Online Courses Udemy - VR Development Fundamentals With Oculus Quest And Unity, Learn the basics of Virtual Reality Development with the mighty Oculus Quest, All-in-one VR headset from Facebook

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In May 2019, Oculus Quest is released and humanity's hope on Virtual Reality raised again.  Finally, we can truly believe that the age of Virtual Reality has already come...


Because Oculus Quest is not an ordinary VR headset. It is the first successful, standalone VR headset that works without an expensive PC and a boring cable.

As developers, we are so lucky that a revolutionary product is released in our time.

So, it is the best time to develop apps and games for Oculus Quest.

If you agree with me, then this course is for you!  With this course, you can quickly get started with your Oculus Quest Development.

By enrolling this course, you will learn the fundamentals of VR development with Oculus Quest such as:

Configuring a Unity project for Oculus Quest with the new XR Interaction Toolkit from Unity 2019.3

Setting up Unity scenes for VR implementation

Installing apk files to Oculus Quest with side-loading


Oculus Local Avatar Implementation

Implementing Custom Hands and Controllers

Implementing Grabbing and Distance Grabbing

UI Interactions in VR

In-Game Debug Methods for Oculus Quest

And while learning, you will have so much fun with the game assets featuring Quidditch sport from the Harry Potter universe.

At the end of this course, you will be able to easily prototype your Oculus Quest game/app.

So, come and join me on this journey to become a part of the Oculus Quest legacy.

Let's build together,


Who this course is for:
Unity Developers who want to learn Virtual Reality Development with Oculus Quest
Creators who want to use Oculus Quest for their creative purposes

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