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Full Stack Web Developer with AI & ML Integration|Hindi|Urdu

Online Courses Udemy - Full Stack Web Developer with AI & ML Integration|Hindi|Urdu, Full Stack Web Development Course with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Integration using Python and Django

4.4 (229 ratings), Created by Ahmad Mohsin

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Welcome to the Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Integration. Worlds Only Top Level Course in Hindi and Urdu Language

This Course is going to be Your One Stop Shop to be a Top Notch Web Developer using and Developing  Machine Learning Models.

Question is why would you be taking this Course. First and foremost, there is no course like this in the market period. There are many Full Stack Courses  but they seem to shy away from Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Integration just because its a different level altogether and lets be honest, not many people know this skill. So its a very rare skill set and rewards are huge.

Here are the skill set you are going to get at the end of this course.






How to Built Startup Landing Page


Git and Version Control

Document Object Model

Fundamentals of Data Science

Machine Learning Integration with Most Powerful Web Frame Work Django

Deep Learning Neural Nets

Convolution Neural Networks(CNN)

Use AWS tools to host your websites

web server tools  Nginx and Gunicorn

I have 100% response rate , so I will always be there to respond to your questions. And of course after Completing this course not only you will built your portfolio but also get Certificate of completion which you can post on your linked Profile and Attract potential Employers.

Who this course is for:
Beginner Web Developers
Students who want to Learn Full stack Web Development
Medium Level Web Developers who want to upgrade to Machine Learning Integration

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