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Coding for A/B testing: Set up 60-90% of your own A/B tests

Online Courses Udemy - Coding for A/B testing: Set up 60-90% of your own A/B tests, Learn HTML, CSS, JS & data tracking for AB testing and build your own AB tests without the help of a developer

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As a Conversion Optimization specialist or as someone working on A/B testing, your success is often determined by the number of A/B tests you run and the number of test winners you find. So the more tests you run, the higher your chance of success. But very often, the IT department is a major bottleneck for us. When we want to set up a test, it ends up at the bottom of the IT backlog, costing you valuable time and decreasing your chance to be successful in AB testing. If you recognize this situation, then this is the right course for you.

By taking this course you will learn:

HTML for AB testing

CSS for AB testing

JavaScript (jQuery) for AB testing

Data tracking for AB testing

Setting up 60 to 90% of your own A/B tests without the help of a developer

This helps you to set up and run many more A/B tests and greatly increase your success. The course is set up in a practical and engaging manner. Together, we will start with the absolute basics before building many different kinds of A/B tests on your own website, while we increase the complexity step by step. The course is designed for people with no coding skills, and for those that have some experience already. The learnings in this course are applicable to every testing tool on the market.

Coding for A/B testing course structure

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: HTML for AB testing

Section 3: CSS for AB testing

Section 4: Javascript (jQuery) for AB testing

Section 5: Data gathering for AB testing

Section 6: Quality assurance

Section 7: Thank you

Of course, there are many web development courses out there. But there is one big difference: As a Conversion specialist, you don’t build websites, you chance them. This requires a completely different focus on coding while also making sure you obtain reliable and trustworthy data. Web development courses help you to build websites, this course helps you to build and run reliable and successful A/B tests.

The course is designed for anyone working on A/B testing. Conversion specialists, growth hackers, and even front-end developers can hugely benefit from this course.

Now let’s get started. Feel free to check out the free preview lectures, or start taking this course right now.

Who this course is for:
Conversion specialists who want to run more A/B tests
Anyone working on A/B testing
Online marketeers, growth hackers and designers who want to learn how to code A/B tests

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