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Genetics and Next Generation Sequencing for Bioinformatics

Online Courses Udemy - Genetics and Next Generation Sequencing for Bioinformatics, For software professionals entering Bioinformatics: DNA sequencing data analysis, NGS, & Biology prerequisites

BESTSELLER, 4.4 (85 ratings), Created by Shreeya Kumaresan, English

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Do you want to enter the field of Bioinformatics, but don't know enough about DNA, RNA, and Genetics?

Are you curious about the recent advances in DNA sequencing technology, and how it can be applied to Personalized Cancer Therapy and Disease Research?

Do you want to use Bioinformatics tools to analyze data generated by Next Generation Sequencing?

By the end of this course:

You will have a strong foundation in DNA, RNA, and Genetics

You will have a thorough understanding of Next Generation DNA Sequencing Analysis

You will use a cloud-based platform called Galaxy for the analysis of large datasets

You will assess the quality of raw data

You will use FastQC and Trimmomatic to improve data quality


This course includes a step-by-step guided project.

This project will assess the quality of raw data from an Illumina sequencer.

You will then use FastQC and Trimmomatic to improve the quality of this data.


Biology and Chemistry at high school 10th grade level

Elementary Statistics such as interpreting charts, histograms, and box-and-whisker plots

You must enjoy Biology

This is an introductory course ideal for those with no prior experience in Next Generation Sequencing Analysis.

Enroll today, and launch your career in Bioinformatics.

Who this course is for:
Software professionals entering Bioinformatics

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