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Complete Drawing On The iPad Using ArtStudio

Online Courses Udemy - Complete Drawing On The iPad Using ArtStudio, Digital Art on iPad, Apple Pencil, ArtStudio app. Create pencil like drawings with ease. Easy to follow tutorials.

4.4 (10 ratings), Created by Robin Slee | Art | Illustration | iPad | Software Development, English [Auto-generated]

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17/02/18 : Added additional reference photos to the Pear project.

05/01/18 : Added over two hours of new content in a complete second project!

20/10/17 : Now includes custom closed captions for all video lectures!

21/10/17 : Now includes a free 30 page companion PDF file so you can follow along away from an internet connection!

Learn to take your existing drawing knowledge and experience and apply it to the iPad. In this course you will learn the skills needed to create realistic looking pencil sketches, and digital art on the iPad!

Using the powerful application called ArtStudio by Luckyclan, you will have a Photoshop-like experience on the iPad. This pairing is a match made in heaven!

With the mobility of the iPad and the rich feature-set of ArtStudio you will be creating amazing art wherever and whenever you like!

With a customizable brush engine, you will create your own 2B sketching pencil. You will then sketch out a rough bird shape and proceed to refine and develop the image in subsequent lessons. We will be utilizing the Pencil Tool, The Layer Stack, The Selection and Transformation Tools and more!

Covering topics like :

Creating texture
Handling lighting
Refining a design
Balancing your compositions
Creating smooth gradations
This course is a must for new and experienced artists alike.

Wait, there is more! : A complete second project has been added to this course. In this complete step by step walk-through, you will compose and paint your own Pear study. Using the reference images provided (or your own if you prefer) you can follow along as I describe :

The thought process of arranging shapes on the canvas
How to create flow lines to lead the viewers eye
How to use color and value to create depth
How to use shadows to effectively suggest form
and how to unify your image using value spots.
So, grab your iPad and come join me for a relaxing real-time sketching session on the iPad.
Who this course is for:
Beginner Artists Looking To Sketch and Draw On The iPad
Traditional Artists Looking To Experience A Digital Workflow

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