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Business Presentation in PowerPoint

Online Courses Udemy - Business Presentation in PowerPoint, Master how to create a client-ready presentation - ideal for investment banking, consulting and business professionals.

4.4 (385 ratings), Created by Ashish Agarwal, English

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Hey, welcome to our PowerPoint Presentation in PowerPoint online course.

We are glad to see you visit this course.

If only we could shake hands!

What is this course about?

In this course, we will teach you the comprehensive presentation skills to become an expert in creating business finance presentations in PowerPoint.

We will illustrate the following broad content topics in great detail in this course:

1) Creating client ready business presentation in PowerPoint

2) Synthesizing the slide information into an effective slide title

3) Story-telling techniques in PowerPoint

4) Modern slide design and animation

It is a very comprehensive course that will teach you the complete skills of to create a stunning and effective business presentation in PowerPoint.

How is this course useful for YOUR purpose?

Hey, did you watch the promo video? If not, please do.

If you are looking to create a powerful business presentation in PowerPoint, this course will teach you exactly that.

Look, PowerPoint is ubiquitous.

It is the most widely used tool for preparing presentations for business meetings.

So your job will also possibly require you to do make PowerPoint presentations for business meetings.

Our course does exactly that - we make you job ready to create your own business presentation in PowerPoint.

This one course covers everything - Creating Slides, Synthesizing, Story-telling and Modern Slide Design.

You have lifetime access to the course once you enroll.

So even if you don't plan to start now, you can still enroll and come back anytime later.

You will love this course once you finish this completely!

What makes this course different than others?

This course content is unique!

You will learn exactly what you are required to do in your daily work.

You get access to practical real life illustrations of all key skills to create a complete client ready business presentation in PowerPoint.

It is a completely hands-on course.

You need to carry out the illustrations in the course along with the instructor.

We provide you the same set up as the instructor.

All illustration slides and datasheets can be downloaded at your end.

You will feel as if somebody is guiding you step by step in all illustrations.

It is a very practical on the job training for you.

You are going to love our instructor's teaching style.

He makes it very engaging and fun learning experience.

You will have practice assignments to test your learning from the course

You will have unlimited access to our support.

Our support team responds to any course queries within 24 hours of your request.

There are manually edited hand typed captions added on all lectures of this course.

Feel free to refer to them in case you feel the need.

And of course, the price is competitive.

What are other students saying about this course?

Check our our reviews below.

Read what student Larkland Morley wrote -

"The course was very good in terms of the details covered. They could avoid repeating some steps to save time but overall good details."

Go to the reviews section below to read more such stories.

What if YOU do not like the course?

Well, we will be very sad to hear that you did not like the course.

But you are well protected.

You have a 30 day money back guarantee in case you are not happy with the course.

No questions asked.

But we sincerely hope, you will definitely like the course!

What  next?

If there are any doubts, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Start learning now.

See you inside the course.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to learn building great Presentations in PowerPoint
Business consultants
Finance professionals
Start-up founders
HR managers
Executive assistants
College students

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