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Starting Amazon AWS - Lambda & API Gateway + JS

Online Courses Udemy - Starting Amazon AWS - Lambda & API Gateway + JS, Overall inside Lambda, API Gateway and DynamoDB - Simple and Hands on!

HOT & NEW, 5.0 (2 ratings), Created by Carlos Medger, English [Auto-generated]

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Course for anyone who'd like to learn about AWS and how you can use API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS IAM, AWS DynamoDB and AWS CloudWatch.

In this course learn how to use and work:

API Gateway  (Create APIs, Stage properties, Publish, Working with version, Rollback, Logs, Testing)

Lambda (Create Functions using NodeJs, Testing, Calling API, External API, Transformation Mapping, Script Testing)

DynamoDB (Overall inside Tables, Sequence, Id, Data Scan, Query, Backup)

Cloud Watch (Check de CPU, Memory, Function Call error, Logs)

After you completed this course, you will able to create your APIs and Serverless Apps using Amazon with API Gateway with Lambda, insert your data in DynamoDB and check your logs in CloudWatch.

See you!

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Who this course is for:
Services on Cloud
Web Developer
Anyone who wants to learn
Cloud Administrator

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