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Object-oriented Programming in JavaScript

Online Courses Udemy - Object-oriented Programming in JavaScript, Learn all about OOP, understand the most confusing parts of JavaScript and prepare for technical interviews

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What is Object-oriented Programming (OOP)?

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a popular programming paradigm or style of programming. It’s been around since ‘70s, but unlike tools and frameworks that come and go, OOP is still very relevant today. That’s because it’s not a programming language or a tool. It’s a style of programming.

Why learn OOP?

OOP helps you manage and reduce complexity in software by building re-usable building blocks (objects). Properly designed objects provide a simple interface and hide the unnecessary complexity from the outside, just like a DVD player! A DVD player has a complex logic board on the inside and a few buttons on the outside. When you press the play button, you don’t care how all those microchips talk to each other.

Object-oriented programming helps you:

Manage and reduce complexity
Eliminate redundant code
Build re-usable building blocks
Write cleaner code

An essential skills for every developer

OOP comes up in many technical interviews. So if you really want to be a serious developer, you need to understand object-oriented programming. As a technical interviewer myself, if I see a candidate with OOP on their resume, that candidate stands out to me. 

It may interest you to know that many of the popular frameworks out there that you might be using are actually designed with OOP concepts in mind. Angular is an example of such frameworks! 

A Step-by-Step, A to Z course

What you'll get when you sign up for this course:

Learn all about object-oriented programming in JavaScript
No more wasting time on disjointed tutorials
Learn at your own pace - lifetime access - so take your time if you prefer
Watch on any device, online or offline
Solidify your understanding of JavaScript
Prepare for technical interviews
Confidently build applications with Node, Angular, React, Vue and other JavaScript libraries
Learn the best practices and common pitfalls to avoid
Certificate of completion to present to your employer

You'll learn

The core principles of OOP: encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism
How to implement OOP concepts in JavaScript
All about objects, their properties, property descriptors, getters and setters
Difference between factory and constructor functions
How "this" works in JavaScript
Prototypes and prototypical inheritance: one of the confusing parts of JavaScript
ES6+ features used in object-oriented programming

This course is for you if:

You’re a developer who already knows OOP principles but want to learn how to implement them in JavaScript.

You’re a developers who is not familiar with OOP, perhaps you just know the basics of JavaScript and want to solidify your understanding of JS and prepare for technical interviews.

Having OOP and JS on your resume helps you find more jobs and make more money.

Are you ready to take your JavaScript skills to the next level? Enroll in the course and get started. 

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