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Complete PowerPoint 2016 Masterclass (Office 365)

Online Courses Udemy - Master Fundamentals of PowerPoint 2016 from scratch. Build Professional slides with Confidence. From Basics to Advanced.

4.7 (439 ratings), Created by Ramgopal from Presentation Process, English [Auto-generated]

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What Students Are Saying:

I love Ramgopal's teaching! I'm fairly proficient in PowerPoint but am always keen to learn more. I can count on Ramgopal to deliver some of the best PowerPoint training out there. You can't go wrong with any of this courses!

Rebecca Livermore

Superb organization of contents and a pleasant way of teaching.

Ankita Kumari

Well structured program with detailed explanations which help even a novice to understand, appreciate and become curious. The pace of voice narration is receptive and engaging. Thanks to the Trainer. Plenty of tips, tricks and insights exposing the power of Power point.

Sudheer Mungamuru

Very inspiring, easy to follow. Best value for money. I recommend to everyone to get this course, it may bring big impact to your career

Agam Munawar

The presenter was extremely knowledgeable, presented at an appropriate pace, and covered all the essential to enable the user to be able to prepare great ppt presentations. Thank you!

Patricia McCann

Amazing content and great pace. You can understand even a small details they way Ramgopal explain. Way to go.... Keep creating great course. Thanks

Girish Kumar Sharma

Oui ce cours correspond très bien à mes attentes. la découverte est aisée, et on sens tous de suite un changement de dimension.

Fabrice Diokri

What's in the course?

Let’s admit...  

PowerPoint can be confusing and frustrating. 

The software looks deceptively easy to learn. But, the moment you start building your slide deck, it’s a whole different story. Those endless menus, ribbons, tabs and dialog boxes can send you on a wild goose chase.

Help isn’t easy to get…

Those courses and books that promise to teach you PowerPoint, only add to your frustration by painfully going through tool after tool - telling you how each button works. That’s like going through every word in a dictionary, trying to speak the language fluently. That’s never a good approach.

If you want to truly Master PowerPoint…

What you want is not a bookish knowledge about all the tools and buttons. You need a practical understanding of the program. So that, when you sit down to build your slide deck, you know exactly what tools to use and how to use them the right way – to translate your ideas into professional looking slides.

That’s what you’ll find in this course, called the Complete PowerPoint 2016 Masterclass.

No doubt, with 13.5 hours of On-demand video, carefully organized under 30 sections as 175 step by step screen-cast video tutorials - we cover every nook and cranny of PowerPoint like no other course or book does.  

But, what makes this course uniquely different from the rest, is the kind of emphasis we place on making it the most practical course you’ll go through on the subject.

 We set the context before explaining every tool and provide several examples afterwards to cement the concepts. Whether it’s common mistakes to avoid, creative workarounds for nagging issues, time saving tips or insider tricks - you’ll find them all in this course.

 After all, I’ve spent the last 15 years working with PowerPoint - day in and day out to create mission critical presentations for clients across industries.

I spent years - teaching senior managers, trainers, business owners and consultants on how to present their ideas with impact. I designed over 7000 premium PowerPoint templates that are now used by thousands of happy customers across the world. So, you are in good hands.

Let’s take a quick look at what’s in the course…

 We start the course by going through the special features that are exclusive to PowerPoint Office 365 subscription.

 You’ll learn things about PowerPoint (Office 365) like…

How to convert a bunch of photos and text into stunning slides - at the click of a button using PowerPoint Designer  

How to make your slide deck interactive in a couple of clicks using the Zoom Feature

How to create dynamic slides with minimal effort using Morph transitions and

So much more...

 Some useful sections in the course are…

How to get started with PowerPoint   

How to Present your Slides like a Pro   

Get Design Consistency with Master Slides and Themes

How to work with Shape Fills and Gradients in PowerPoint

All you need to know about 3D Effects and 3D Rotation

All about Grouping and Organizing Shapes

Useful yet Less Known Tricks to work with Text like a Pro

How to work with Pictures like a Designer

How to Stylize your Photos like a Pro without using Photoshop

How to use SmartArt with Creativity

All about using Data-Driven Charts in PowerPoint

All about using Custom Animation the right way

All about Adding Interactivity to your slides with Triggers & Action Buttons

Adding Multimedia like Audio and Video

All about Printing your Slides

How to Save your Presentation in Different Formats

All about Self Running Presentations

How to Review your Presentations

 We’ve even added an interesting quiz at the end of each section, to make your learning thorough.

 If you are serious about learning PowerPoint the right way and create slides that captivate your audience and impress your bosses, then THIS is the course for you.

So, go ahead and enroll in this course. Make compelling and successful PowerPoint presentations with ease!

Who this course is for:
Beginner and Intermediate PowerPoint users who are looking to learn PowerPoint in a structured way.

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