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Openlayers 6 From Scratch With A Project

Online Courses Udemy - Master OpenLayers (JavaScript web mapping library) and build web mapping applications

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OpenLayers is a powerful, community-driven, open-source, JavaScript-based web mapping library, which allows us to develop web mapping applications using a great number of geospatial data sources, data formats, and open geospatial standards such as from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).

This course focuses on the latest version of the Openlayers 6, and is the most comprehensive and modern Openlayers course you can find in UDEMY. It starts with very basics and goes all the way to advanced concepts. Once we master all the Openlayers concepts, we build a complete Openlayers project in the last section.

By the end of this course, you can build amazing web mapping applications using Openlayers.

More details about what the course covers

Introduction to Openlayers library

Setting up the environment

Simple map

Introduction to key concepts and components of Openlayers

Raster layers including Tiled Raster Layers, Raster Sources, Tiled ArcGISRest, TileWMS, Static Raster Images

Managing multi-layers

Vector layers including Vector Tile Layers, Vector Image Layer, Heatmap, Graticule

Interacting with Vector Layer Features

Styling Vector layers including styling of points, lines, and polygons, using images as point symbols, styling based on feature properties

Projections and Coordinate Reference Systems including different projections, coordinate transformations, and reprojecting of geospatial data

Interactions in Openlayers

Controls including styling and manipulating map controls

Geolocation API

Full project

And much more!

Who this course is for:
People that want to learn web mapping using OpenLayers
GIS (Geographic Information Science) professionals and students

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