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Mastering Ansible Automation - Step by Step

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Mastering Ansible Automation - Step by Step

What you'll learn
  • Introducing Ansible-Overview of Ansible Architecture
  • Implementation of Ansible Playbooks
  • Automate Linux Patching using Ansible
  • Various Labs to understand the Ansible Playbook for Linux Servers Patching
  • Managing Variables & Inclusions
  • Various Labs on Implementing Playbooks from real IT Industry Environment
  • Gain sufficient skills to perform core system administration Automation
  • Implementing Tasks Controls
  • Overview of Ansible Installation
  • Online/Offline Ansible installation
  • Ansible Conditionals
  • Ansible Modules
  • Industrial Live overview of Automation tool using Ansible with Shell Scripting
  • Ansible Handlers
  • Ansible Loops
  • Deploying Ansible
  • Writing YAML Files
  • Ansible Roles
  • How do we create Ansible Roles
  • Industrial project of stop/start control m appl/db

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