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Universal React with Next.js - The Ultimate Guide

Universal React with Next.js - The Ultimate Guide
Free Coupon Discount - Universal React with Next.js - The Ultimate Guide, Learn how to make awesome server-rendered React apps with Next.js

Created by Reed Barger


Do you want to make amazing, performant, and overall better React applications?  Look no further than Next.js.

This course is the best guide you'll find to learn the Next.js framework. In it, we will be making FOUR complete React / Next.js projects, each from project start to deployment on the web.

Here's what we'll be making:

A full-stack social media application, built with React.js / Next, a complete Express API, Mongoose / MongoDB, Passport Authentication, and Material UI

A Hacker News progressive web app that can run offline and has a perfect (100/100) Lighthouse score

A user authentication system which uses signed, secure cookies

A portfolio application built as a static site

What will be covered?

User Authentication with Passport in Next.js

Cookie Authentication in Next / Getting Cookies from Server and the Client

Lifecycle Methods like getInitialProps for Fetching Data and User Authentication

Protected Routes / Route Guards in Next

Next Router, along with Page Prefetching

Query Params in Next.js and Custom Routes with Express

Integrating Next with a Custom Server Setup Like Express

Building APIs with the help of Next

Making Progressive Web Apps in Next.js (Web App Manifest and Service Workers)

Pagination using Query Params

Deploying our projects with Now v2 and Heroku (both as static sites and Node.js apps)

Improving SEO with the help of the custom Head component in Next

Custom Error Pages for better Error Handling

Custom Pages in Next (_App and _Document)

Styling our Apps with Styled-JSX

Building impressive user interfaces with Material-UI

Integrating CSS-in-JS options like Material-UI with Next.js

Snackbar Notifications with Material UI

And much more...

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