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Ultimate Web Development Bundle: Django, Ruby on Rails, Node

Udemy Free Discount - Ultimate Web Development Bundle: Django, Ruby on Rails, Node, Learn The Three Most Popular Web Development Frameworks! Django and Python, Ruby on Rails, and Node and Javascript!

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In this course you'll learn how to build websites using three of the most popular web development frameworks used today; Django (and Python), Ruby on Rails (and Ruby), and Node (and Javascript).  We'll build three websites (one for each framework). The website will be a stock market portfolio app that will connect to a third part API, get stock market data, bring it back to your app, and then you'll learn how to manipulate that data and post it on your website.  It's a lot of fun!

This course is aimed at the absolute beginner, you don't need any coding experience at all!

We'll start out by setting downloading and installing all of the tools you'll need to start coding each of the frameworks.  Everything you need for this course is available as a free download, so there's nothing else to buy.

For each framework, we'll use the free Sublime Text Editor, the Git Bash Terminal and a Web Browser.

This course is a bundle of three of my other popular courses in Django/Python, Ruby on Rails, and Node/Javascript.

These web frameworks are three of the best frameworks to learn, and learning has never been this easy!  They're the most popular and in demand for a reason! Let's learn to code!

I'll see you on the inside!

-John Elder

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