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Modern JavaScript The Complete Course - Build +15 Projects

Modern JavaScript The Complete Course - Build +15 Projects
Online Courses Udemy - Modern JavaScript The Complete Course - Build +15 Projects, Learn JavaScript the most popular language for Web Development - Includes ES6, React & NodeJS & +15 Complete Projects!
4.5 (283 ratings), Created by Juan Pablo De la torre Valdez,  English [Auto-generated]


What you'll learn

  • Learn the latest JavaScript features such as Async JS, Fetch API, Async Await & more
  • You're going to learn how to consume REST API's with JavaScript
  • How to create JavaScript classes and OOP
  • You're going to learn more advanced topics such as Generators, Iterators, Maps, Sets, Promises & more
  • OOP JavaScript with Object Constructors, Classes & Prototypes
  • Asynchronous JavaScript with Callbacks, Promises & Async Await
  • Add Interaction to your websites


  • A Text Editor, i'm using Visual Studio Code
  • A Browser, i recommend Google Chrome
  • Internet, videos can be watched only with internet or via Udemy App
  • If you know HTML, CSS and you want to start creating Interactive Website, JavaScript is the way to go, and you're in the right course
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