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Create Multi language Apps in C#

Udemy Free Discount - Create Multi language Apps in C#, Create Multi lingual Apps in C# ,Visual Studio,One App with different languages:English,French,German,Chinese,Arabia...
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Hi There!

After this course you can easily create multi language application with many languages in C# !

I started this course from scratch and described the resource file and usage and how to create multi language form by using it.

To do that i created 1 simple projects and one sample multi-language professional project .

Learn to add new language to forms in C#

Working with project resource in C# !

Working with custom resource files in C# !

Create language selection form in C#

Save selected language by user in the app settings.

Load the selected language by user

Change the App language based on User selection

Sample Project : Multi-lingual settings form with C# !

Don't hesitate to start learning Multi language Apps in C#!

Every thing will be discussed with sample project and you will haves fun + proficiency within my course.

Say Hi multi-lingual Apps in C# and let's go !!!
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