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SQL Beginner to Guru: MySQL Edition - Master SQL with MySQL

Online Courses Udemy - SQL Beginner to Guru: MySQL Edition - Master SQL with MySQL, SQL skills are in demand. Learn to master SQL using MySQL. Become a SQL Guru today!, Created by John Thompson, English


This course includes, 11 hours on-demand video, 11 articles, 114 downloadable resources, Full, lifetime access, Access on mobile and TV, Certificate of Completion

SQL Beginner to Guru: MySQL Edition - Master SQL with MySQL

What you'll learn

  • Become a SQL Guru! Be that 'go-to' person!
  • Master SQL to create reports from realistic MySQL databases
  • See how to aggregate and analyze data using SQL functions
  • Create your own database through the power of SQL
  • Understand How to Leverage Database Transactions
  • Tune SQL statements for optimum performance
  • Avoid common mistakes with SQL


  • Just a computer - Any modern PC, Mac or Linux system will work!
  • Fundamental computer skills are helpful (you understand what files and directories are)

SQL is the programming language used to get data in and out of databases. Relational Databases are extremely popular with companies of all sizes.

Employers are searching for people with SQL skills. Go to any popular jobs site, and search for the keyword 'SQL'. You will see 10's of THOUSANDS of job postings.

Right now these positions are going unfilled - because companies cannot find enough people with SQL skills.

In this course, you will learn how to use SQL using the MySQL relational database - the most popular database in the world.

No previous SQL experience is needed. This course is perfect for beginners.

In this course, you will:

Learn how to install MySQL on your computer.

Learn how to install MySQL Workbench on your computer.

See how to import the famous MySQL employee database into your MySQL database.

Get hands on experience generating SQL reports.

Master SQL join statements.

Create table joins using database tables with MILLIONS of records!

See how easy it is to use SQL to update one record or many records in the database.

Learn to use SQL Sub-Selects.

Write advanced SQL reports against a ecommerce database.

Understand what database transactions are, and the tools you have to control them with MySQL.

Use SQL to create tables in your MySQL database.

Learn the MySQL syntax to alter existing database tables.

Tackle challenging real world like assignments for SQL reporting and database maintenance tasks.

Leverage SQL views for common reports.

Course Extras

Slack Community - Join the instructor, teacher's assistants, and other students in a Slack Community exclusive to this course!

All Source Code in GitHub - Get access to all source code used in course via GitHub (no experience with GitHub necessary)

All Lecture Slides Downloadable as PDFs - Download lecture slides for study and future reference!

Other Databases?

This course is focused on using SQL with the MySQL database.

SQL is a standard, which which is supported by many other databases. The SQL skills you learn in this course can be applied to other databases such as Postgres, Oracle, and MS SQL Server.

There is a ton of demand for people with SQL skills. In the US, there are over 100,000 job openings for people with SQL skills.

Through this course, you will master SQL.

Open the door to new opportunities and enroll today!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wishing to learn how to use SQL!
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